Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ACL 1147 (1963) / AH 116 (1966)

Lew Stone And His Band featuring Al Bowlly and Nat Gonella –
10:30 Tuesday Night
(Ace of Clubs)

Nothing Was Sweeter Than The Boswell Sisters (Ace of Hearts)

A bit of a cheat, sneaking two related labels in one post (sorry Alexander), but I think they're most compelling when viewed together. These reissue imprints of Decca released LP comps of blues, jazz and big band 78s in the 1960s. Apparently, the Ace of Clubs were dedicated to UK acts, and Ace of Hearts covered American performers. Classy design all around, adopting vaguely psychedelic imagery later in the decade, and the covers are protected with the patented “Clarifoil” laminate. But it’s the really spiffy labels that I love, though I’m still baffled by the upside-down catalog numbers featured on the right side of each. About the music: Bowlly and the Boswells demonstrate that pop of the 30s and 40s need not be cloying.

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