Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flying Dutchman (1970)

“Friends and Neighbors- Ornette Live at Prince Street” was recorded after Coleman had taken up trumpet and violin in addition to sax (I looooove his violin playing the most, damn) and features Charlie Haden, Dewey Redman and Ed Blackwell. This recording really embodies just a total joy of expression and community vibes, with the titular friends and neighbors providing vocals on the vibrant and soulful first track.

The label design here is so great (the cover is too- how stylin' is Denardo Coleman?). It showcases a rare instance of pastels used for the forces of good, and the concentric circles highlight the tactile depth the label has. Flying Dutchman also put out some records by vocalist Leon Thomas- the dude who yodels on Pharoah Sanders records- that I would really love to pick up.

In general, part of my “collector not completist” attitude is that the music matters more than rarity or whatever (as long as it's on vinyl- is that contradictory?), and it doesn’t bother me that a bunch of my records are re-issues. In this case, I’m definitely glad this lovely original found its way to me, and I think the center label printing is one of the areas that really makes this pressing stand out.

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