Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A nice 7" from Stereolab, picked up on a tour, I like the lips a lot.

A tour single from 2001 which showcases two tracks which are among the best tunes that stemmed from the Sound Dust sessions. Compared to the lush and ornately arranged Sound Dust cuts, the two are quite austere and more experimental. the title track opens with a sample of some old 40s-50s styled jazz recording, which gets an almost Reich-ian loop manipulation, which is a very clever idea, and for this deranged minute and a half alone, this is the best Sound Dust tune not to be released on Sound Dust, the remainder of it is a cold and dark groove with shimmering keyboards and eerie wordless vocals (both tracks are virtually instrumentals), with some _D&L_ish breaks in between. "Speck Voice" is like a superior re-write of "Double Rocker" (never cared for that tune), starting with a dreamy, but eerier slow part in 6/4 time, and then picking up a faster funky groove with Mary Hansen singing her plaintive wordless vocals and the atmosphere is very sad, and Mary`s death exactly 2 years ago makes it even hurt more.

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