Friday, April 2, 2010

David Shrigley

Excited to be asked to post some of these label thingies, here's the first of an eclectic bunch-enjoy!

Picked this up in Liverpool, or maybe Manchester, released on my birthday 2006!

Late Night Tales presents David Shrigley – Forced to Speak with Others, the first collection of audio offerings from acclaimed British satirical artist, David Shrigley. Released October 23rd 2006 Forced to Speak with Others features Shrigley’s dark rhetoric to a backing of dark melodies, ominous percussion and playful sounds. This collection of tracks can only be described as weird and wonderful… or perhaps bizarre and slightly unhinged or maybe brilliant and genius?
Shrigley has penned 14 tracks of spoken word stories and mutterings on subjects as diverse as Satan’s apocalyptic rock concert, giant hairy children, ludicrously clumsy fathers and an insect that desires to lays eggs inside someone’s brain.
Fans of The Book of Shrigely, followers of his sketches in The Guardian Saturday Magazine and those who have experienced his shows will recognise Shrigley’s signature wry observation and absurdist vision on this unique LP. Those uninitiated to Shrigley’s world can expect to find themselves laughing out loud at the bizarre offerings or frowning quizzically at his sometimes sinister musings.
The artist forces us to reconsider clich├ęs, confront the horrible and laugh at the utter absurdity of everyday life. From the tale of a sinister hospitals voiced by a fearful narrator in ‘Doctor’, to the noise of a felt tip pen in ‘Scribble’ and the desperate affirmation of goodness set to the backing of what sounds like a grave being dug in ‘I am Good’.
We are left feeling like we’ve been on a rollercoaster, a car journey and an choppy boat ride through the, tunnels roads and rivers of his imagination. The choice of narrators, many disturbing, some demanding, some fearful, and a few angry, convey these stories fantastically.
The LP came about as a result of the tracks Shrigely wrote for the end of a number of Late Night Tales albums. The stream of seemingly never-ending, witty observations that Shrigely produced for these albums naturally led to a collection of tracks all of his own work, presented of course, with the artists signature stick- man illustrations.
David Shrigley, Artist, comments; “I am a man with things to say. Some of the most important things that I have said have been recorded here for future generations to enjoy after my death. They have been set to music to make them more enjoyable.”
This LP is a limited edition of 500 vinyl copies only world wide and it also features a specially designed pull out poster by David Shrigley himself!!


  1. I had no idea Shrigley did records. I love his work. Lucky one you have this.

  2. I think you might still be able to find it out there on the web, it is really good and worth finding.