Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Linval Thompson - "Abortion" (Ujama, 1986) Sly and Robbie - "Drunk and Disorderly" (Power House, 1987) Gregory Isaacs - "Hard Drugs" (Tappa, 1988)

Oh boy, I sure do love reggae. It might be surprising coming from someone who can't handle the grass, man. These 45s came into Reckless Records one day when I was working and I got all insane about it. There were about 75 records in the trade and poor Clive, who wrote his name on all of his records, had to sell these for cash. Not only do I love the independent nature of the reggae label, what with the crooked artwork and made up production companies, but the beats are amazing. Fortunately, I am not that well versed in the Jamaican slang, so I can overlook the overt and intense racism and sexism that appears in almost every song. I mean... "Abortion"... I wonder what that song's about? sheesh...

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