Friday, February 5, 2010

Paula / Jewel Records (1973)


  1. Oh wow. This is a great label, nice color and I love the silhouette. I had no idea Paula put out an Art Ensemble LP. How in the hell did they end up on a blues/R&B label?

  2. I'm really smitten with the cameo which I think is of Stan Lewis' wife (who the label was named after). Jewel was primarily blues , and I just learned that the label was named after the Chicago supermarket chain! I had no idea. Paula Records was actually supposed to be the "pop/country" label of Jewel but they randomly put out a few jazz records in the 70's (including 'Sex and Flute Man' by James Moody - an amazing title no doubt - and a couple releases by Isaac Redd Holt, who was in the original Ramsey Lewis Trio).
    As far as I know this is the only Ensemble LP on Paula and it's a really great one too.